Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eight Sweet Hours To Vacay!

Eight more hours and Liesl and I will be playing vacation. I have big plans for Saturday and Sunday but forgot to make a plan for tomorrow after work. Liesl and I need to find a way to kick off the festivities. I know her idea would be cookies and new toys, but I will have to figure out a plan which goes into effect at 5:01 pm.

Tomorrow is the last day that my alarm goes off for a while. It is also the last day I will wear business attire for nine days. It is the last day I will pack a lunch, unless I am going on a picnic. It is the last day I will rush to get ready for nine whole days. There is a lot of fun to be had! I will miss the people I work with, but I will be glad to be playing for a while.

The deadline for the fair entries is drawing nigh. It is hard to believe that the fair is right around the corner. I have to finish my pieces and get them framed and ready for exhibition. I so love the fair. I think a group of us is going this year, which will be incredibly fun. I can almost taste the deep fried artichoke hearts and ice cream bars.

Well, I am off to rest for my last day of work. I am sure it will be a crazy one as I try to get things ready for my absence.

Have a happy Friday!

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