Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Here is my progress on the back-stitching on Star Spangled Banner. You can really tell the difference between the parts the are back-stitched and those yet to be stitched. The back stitched parts are bolder and crisper. As you can see, I have gotten a lot done.

Two, count 'em, two days are all that stand between me and vacation. Liesl has been kind of restless and fidgety at work this week so I think she knows that vacation is coming. Friday will be the last time that my alarm clock goes off for nine days. I am so excited.

I had to giggle earlier, because Liesl was "talking" to me. I talk to her a lot and she is a very smart and verbal little dog. So tonight she came running out of the bedroom and had to tell me something. She looks so serious as she is speaking in a low, kinda growley sounding voice. She is always a bit animated, so I really wish that I could understand what she is saying.

Liesl has not received the memo that she is a dog, and if she has, she probably ignored it. She totally thinks that she is people. She is the only dog that I know of that when a group of us meet up to go walking, not only will she greet the dogs one by one, she has to go say hello to their people, too. At the end of the workday, she does what I call her "farewell tour" of the office. We can not leave until she has walked the halls to say goodbye to each and every one of her peeps at work. I wish I could say that I am in charge, but really I am just holding on to the other end of the leash...

Off to dream vacation dreams...

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