Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gardening Sunday!

I was out of control this morning. I started the day thinking about lavender and how lovely it would look lining my driveway. Of course, this meant that a trip to Home Depot was imminent. Yay! There was not any Spanish Lavender available, so I got English Lavender instead at $3.33 a plant. I am actually glad that it turned out that way because the English smells so pretty. I think it will look lovely when it grows out. We actually get our hot weather around the end of August through early November, so I think it will grow pretty fast.

Across the aisle from the lavender were the bedding plants. There was a 6 pk of the happiest looking little yellow zinnias that I knew I had to have for $1.99. They are just so darling. So $20 later, I had a garden's worth of plants in the back of my PT Cruiser. I came home and put the lavender in right away. I have decided that gardening is addictive because I was having so much fun that I went ahead and cleared another bed and planted potatoes. I also did a little tidying up in the yard before going inside to stitch. I had a wonderful afternoon back stitching away.

I was doing okay until Liesl had to go out after dinner. I went out with her and sat in one of my Adirondack chairs, which gives a view of the whole garden. While I was sitting there surveying my queendom, I saw the perfect spot where the zinnias should go. They also needed some salvia around them as contrast. So I planted the salvia, too. This led to my wanting to get more lettuce started. I was on FIAH! LOL I can't just go out there and do one thing.

I am going to have to just close my eyes when I am watering during the week so I do not get started again. LOL I will say that it is really good exercise and I am starting to get muscly arms. I am actually getting to the point where the back of my legs do not hurt anymore. I am sure that the fresh air is healthy and it basically keeps me out of trouble. I am getting a nice tan and my hair is getting strawberry blonde in the sunlight. On the downside, my feet are always dirty and I have soil under my fingernails. Oh well, before you know it the rainy season will be upon us and I will stuck inside, missing it.

Enjoy your Monday!

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April Mechelle said...

Glad you had a great day gardening!! It has been so hot here, all my bedding flowers have burnt up... no matter how much I watered them... Enjoy your gardening !!