Sunday, July 3, 2011

First Tomatoes Of Summer!!!

Whoohoo! My very first tomatoes of the season! I did not see them until I was watering tonight. They are kinda buried down in the plant. They are so pretty! I was so excited when I saw them.

Today was yet another magical day! It started early this morning when Liesl decided to cuddle up to me in her sleep. This is kind of a rare event. She either sleeps in her own bed or at the foot of the bed closest to the door so she can protect me, I gather. So I really treasure it when she cuddles. It is comforting. It is like starting the day with a loving hug.

Last night I got an email from one of my friends from church. She said that her husband had gone to the races and had discarded NASCAR tires, and would I like one. Now I have to tell you, I have had a vision of a NASCAR tire table in my yard by putting a piece of glass on top. Her hubby came to check with me this morning to see if I wanted a tire. I told him that I would definitely appreciate it and that I was going to make a table out of it. He said that he was pretty sure he also had a piece of glass that would probably work, too. Is that too cool or what?!

By the time I got home, it was already getting hot. I figured it would be too hot to cook later so I made dinner in my crockpot. Then I headed out to my new chairs with a sandwich for lunch. It was so comfy and the wood in the chairs soaks up the heat. I took my book out there, but soon realized that my little bee hunter was snapping at bees. sigh. I decided to avert disaster and brought her inside.

I must have gotten a bee in my bonnet, (LOL) because I decided to move my furniture around. I love what I did, so it was good that I came in. My house looks so cute now. I also finally programmed my dvd player to my Comcast remote.

I was doing my daily surf of Amazon after all of that activity. I was looking for free books again, but nothing of interest today. While I was on, I poked about on the site. There is a book that about sampler motifs that I have wanted for several years. However, it is $35, and too much for me to spend. Well, today I happened to see that that one of their sellers was selling a used one for $9.73! There was also another book I have wanted about vintage designs which is normally about $14. Again, too much. Today, I saw that there was a used one for $.71! Of course, I ordered them. I can not wait for them to get here! I am so excited. I have had really good luck with their sellers (and have saved a bundle on used textbooks!)

So now the house is quiet. Liesl is asleep and I am off to read a good book by Amy Tan. I love everything she has ever written. It is a good evening for reading. Have a safe and fun 4th of July!

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