Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It is cold here this week. I keep reading about it being summer everywhere else, but man alive, it is cold. I had to wear wool pants and a sweater to work today. I also had to eat soup for lunch, trying to warm up. I have cute dresses and skirts in my closet that have not had the chance to see the light of day.

I did get to stitch today and it was lovely. I had a whole hour at lunchtime and was able to finish S and T. I still have to do U and I am yet again puzzled by what fruit it is. I am so confused. I am going to move the Q-snaps tonight since I have to use that last column as my guide for the next rows. It is kind of exciting to move to the next section.

One of the nice people that I work with is going on vacation to Southern California next week. He was telling me that he is going to stop in Solvang so he can show his grand-daughter around. It is such a nice little town. I felt a little pang because I miss going to Solvang. It is a little Danish-American town in California that is built to look like a town in Denmark. I just love it there. The pastries at Mortensen's are to die for. They make these amazing eclairs that they add raspberry preserves to. They are so delicious, but I can not eat a whole one by myself. After getting fortified on pastries, the next thing on the list is strolling about and looking in the shops. My all time favorite shop is Thumbelina for cross stitch. I love this little store. I have a weakness for all patterns that are Danish. It is so well stocked that anything you see on the walls is available in the drawers below them. The gentleman that works there is so cool and makes it fun to shop there. I would love to be able to go visit again soon. I could totally go for some wienerschnitzel and perhaps some spaetzel.

Hope it is comfy warm wherever you are...

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Lisa said...

The part of CA I am in (East Bay - TriValley area) it starts off very cool & foggy but has been clearing w/mid to upper 60s. I ask the question, too: where is summer, but I am not looking for the 100s! I have never been to Solvang, but heard it is something to see; and now with your description, maybe I should plan a mini-trip there for our family this summer. Take care and I will visit your blog again!
Lisa in CA