Monday, June 15, 2009


I am sick and tired of fighting this cold thing. My throat is still hurting, my head hurts and I just don't feel good. I am so over this. I was supposed to go to DH's band picnic tonight but just felt too yucky. I came home, changed into my jammies, nuked a hot dog for dinner and climbed into bed. DH came home at 7:30 to find Liesie and I tucked in and watching television in bed. Pathetic, I tell you.

I had to make my eye appointment today. I shared the other day that my eyesight is getting really blurry. This is not good for stitching, but even less so for accounting. When I was making the appointment, the receptionist asked me if I wear contacts. I told her no but that I wear cheaters/readers to stitch. She said that I really should not be using the readers without a prescription. I am not looking forward to this.

I stitched for about an half and hour tonight and for an hour at lunch. It is coming together little by little. I am thinking that I might start filling in the boxes before I finish all nine. I am getting a little bored so I think I will probably change it up a little and stitch fruits and veggies. Speaking of which, DH was being a smart-aleck the other night and brought up the fact that a kidney bean is neither a fruit or a veggie. It is a legume. Oh, well, such is life.

I am already thinking about what I should stitch next when this project is done. There are so many possible projects calling my name. Hopefully, with the help of new glasses I will be able to stitch them all.

Have a great evening!

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