Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Making Progress

I finally got to move the Q-snaps over tonight. I am still finishing up the U but need the edge to line up the new boxes. It is nice to have a new view. For once when I put the fabric on the rods there, it did not make the fabric all wonky.

It is becoming abundantly clear that my eyesight is slipping. I do look at a computer screen all day then I stitch and play on the computer at night. Plus, grumble, grumble, I am over 40. I am starting to get really blurry vision and headaches. I am bummed. I need to get over to the optometrist over at Costco. I really, really hate to get my eyes dialated, plus I need to arrange a ride. Then there is the drama of picking out just the right glasses. I think I need some with a lot of bling!

Liesie got to come to work with me today. She had several playdates with other employees dogs, plus I ran and replenished the Pupparoni supply at the grocery store at lunchtime. It was a good day for Liesl. She has so much fun going to work. She came home pretty tired from her workday. LOL

I am thinking that sometime soon I would really like to make a scissor case and fob for myself. I bought that nice pattern on clearance. I would really like to have a nice ensemble for my scissor, with a matching fob. I do have several Gingher scissors. My very favorite are my pewter Ginghers. They just look so elegant. I want to make sure they are protected.

Well, we have made it over halfway through the week. Hope you have a terrific Thursday.

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