Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gingher "Elena"

Gingher is releasing a new designer scissor in September. They are AWESOME. They are named Elena and they will be mine. They are meant to look like an impressionist painting. If you have not had the opportunity to feast your eyes upon them, you may see them here: http://www.brewersewing.com/BQSS_Consumer/productdetail.asp?item=GG-5214 They are stunning.

I will admit that I do have a thing for certain Ginghers. I just think they are lovely. My favorites, of course are my pewter and my stork scissors. The stork pair were a gift from DH and my first ones ever. Then I love my Sarah's. I have Freedom and Roberta, which are pretty but not my very favorites. My DH bought me the Chloe rotary cutter and I bought myself a pair of the large sewing scissors. I think they are really terrific scissors, well made and very sharp.

When you find love in these beautiful scissors, you can not help but to also think of the ones that got away. I kick myself for not getting Glory. While I like Freedom, Glory just seems a bit more dramatic, and the colors more vibrant. I would have made that pretty star fob from Sweetheart Tree to go on them. But alas, it was not to be. For you can not get them for less than $90 on ebay. Definitely, not to be. LOL The other ones that came out before I knew about them in the series, but that make me smile when I look at them are Julia and Sophia. So very lovely.

I remember the first time that I was online reading a cross stitch board about how amazing the designer scissors were and how people collect them, I thought to myself, "But I already have a pair of scissors. Why would anyone need more than one pair?" I was so silly back then. I have now seen the light.

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