Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Night

We were very surprised to wake up to rain this morning. This is a bit out of the ordinary for our region. As a result, we got a late start to the running of errands and such. We had to make a Costco run, and a Target run, usually something we try to avoid on a Saturday at all costs. We ended up getting everything done in short order and were back home in time to watch the race. We have been relaxing for the evening. DH has not been feeling well and I am fighting my cold and sore throat.

I have been stitching this evening. I have three new boxes stitched and have started a fourth. I can not wait to get the whole nine of them done so I can start filling them in. I am kind of fighting all of the extra fabric on each side of the q-snaps. I understand that there is someone who makes q-snap covers with a pocket to hold the extra fabric. What a great idea.

Last night I was watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network. They went to a small cafe up the coast about an hour from here that serves olallieberry pie. This is a local favorite here. The olallieberry is a cross between a blackberry and a huckleberry, I believe. It has a very unique taste and is legendary here. I think that it originated in either Washington or Portland. The closest place to get them is in Watsonville, about an hour from us. I have been thinking about olallieberry pie ever since last night. We may have to make the drive to go get berries so I can make my cobbler out of them. They are just incredible.

If we go up there, we will also have to stop in Corralitos at the market, which is the most amazing sausages. I really love the Cheesy Bavarians and would really rather not know just how bad they are for me. We are going to have to eat some food out of the freezer before we make the little excursion. If you ever are in the area, you must go to this place so that you can experience the most fabulous sausages.

Great, now I am really hungry...

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