Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Night Stitching

"Are you ready for some stitchin' ?" Okay, I am no Hank Williams, Jr. The whole Monday Night thing made me think of that song. I have not really been a big fan of football since Dan Fouts left the San Diego Chargers (I was devastated), so I am not even sure they have that song anymore. Nascar is my game. I know, big surprise. LOL

I was a stitching machine at lunch and this evening. I got the N, and the O squares complete. Now I am working on the Vidalia Onion. After this, I will have two more squares on the bottom row to complete. Then I will have my last nine squares to finish. As I work on this section, I am thinking that the color combinations are even more brilliant than the first section. It is such a pretty piece.

I have had the loveliest evening. I could not stand to listen to one more news report or watch another rerun, or something junky on TV. So I turned the TV off and stitched in quiet. It was still light when I started so I listened to the birds and the sound of the somewhat far off ocean off in the distance, and the wind rustling the trees. It was heavenly. I really need to turn the TV off more often. The sounds that I got to listen to were blissful and peaceful instead of some of the junk that is on television. I need to remind myself to do this often.

I am already thinking about the next items to work on. I have a couple of pieces that need to be finished. I think I will pick them up. I am not sure what I will want to do after them. Perhaps I will just read my books for while. I crack myself up sometimes.

Well, it has been a long, windy evening. I am off to dreamland...


Theresa said...

Quiet is very nice sometimes, especially with all the "stuff" on TV. We live in the country and my idea of a perfect evening is to open windows, turn TV off and listen to the birds, coyotes and various creatures of the night. Stitching and Nature--very relaxing!! Have a great week
Theresa in NW Kansas

Lisa said...

I love "Monday Night Stitching" - that song and the idea lends itself well for our hobby!!! I love your idea of quiet stitching - it is nice to turn off all that "noise" to listen to nature and the thoughts in my head as I stitch. It is like meditating!
Have a great day
Lisa in the East Bay