Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Paid A Visit To The Eye Doctor

This blog post will be a little short tonight. I got my eyes dialated late this afternoon and my vision is still a bit funky. I am really grateful for my sight today. All in all, my appointment went well. Basically, I am getting mid-view lenses that are readers for two distances, one of reading books and one for looking at my computer. Basically, since I am an accountant, I look down to read paperwork and look up at a computer screen. Having a regular pair of readers helps with the paper reading but then my eyes were freaking out when I would have to adjust them to the computer. Unfortunately, my eyes were way too blurry from dialation for me to pick out glasses so I have to go back. But I am so glad the problem is solved, and I really liked the doctor. He was very thorough and asked really great questions to diagnose the problem. I was a bit scared about what was going on.

If you ever have a couple minutes, check out the crockpot 365 blog link that I have on my blog roll. She has the most amazing recipes and is always honest about how they turn out. I love my crockpot. I love the fact that dinner is waiting for us when we get home and it smells so good as I am coming up the front steps. Anyway, we have made several of the recipes and they are really good. She had a Thai Coconut Beef recipe that I have made several times. It makes my mouth water to think about it. We also made the Vegetable Lasagne and it was fabulous. Tonight I put the fixings for Baked Potato soup together. I have it in the crock in the fridge. I just take it out an half an hour before I start it so that it does not shock the heat unit with the cold. Tomorrow night, all we have to do is top with bacon and green onions and serve with a salad. I am happy. Plus the leftovers will make great lunches.

Well, I think I am going to go rest my eyes. Have a great evening.

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