Saturday, June 20, 2009

Road Trip

Today a few of the cross stitchers from Northern California that frequent the 123stitch board, had a get together at the Elegant Stitch in Modesto. I saddled up the PT Cruiser and picked up DD at 8 am. DH made us yummy blueberry muffins for the trip. We got to Modesto a little after 10:30 and got to meet up at the Elegant Stitch to shop for stash. The Elegant Stitch is a wonderful store and is so well stocked. I was able to pick up some things that I just can't get anywhere else. Plus, they have beautiful things to inspire us on the walls. There was one sampler that I would have passed up if I would have just seen the photo on the package, but the piece was breathtaking in person.

We got to go to lunch with the ladies. They are so nice and we got to have a nice chat. It was really fun. We left earlier than the group because DD and I had planned to go to a few yarn shops in the area, since she is a knitter. We found one store that was nice. We wanted to go up the road about 30 minutes to Stockton to a yarn shop there. Luckily, DD checked their hours before we left. It was about 2:15 and it turns out that the store closes at 3 on Saturdays. I do not understand this. Admittedly, I do not know anything about running yarn stores or LNS, but seriously, a running complaint that I hear alot is how few of these stores have decent, if any hours that they are open on a Saturday. This would seem like a peak retail day to me, but again, I am making an assumption. It is just really frustrating that when you would like to spend money in someone's store and their hours are a bit inconvenient.

I digress though. I did engage in some retail therapy today. I did my part. LOL DD and I stopped at Sonic on the way home and had yummy and bad things for us delivered to us by a young man on roller skates.

It was an awesome day, but I was really glad to get back home to DH and Liesie. DH had cleaned the house and had a Diet Dr. Pepper waiting for me.

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