Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Puppy Daddy Day

They have Father's Day cards from the dog and/or cat at Target. Seriously. DH got one from Liesl today. She also gave him a little case for his Ipod that has speakers on it that I got at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I had gotten a pink one a month ago. I got Bob a blue one from Liesl. He is a pretty good puppy daddy. She gets a long walk every morning, rain or shine, which makes her happy and healthy.

I had planned on taking DH out for lunch, but we had an event at church and got home around two. We were pretty tired. We watched the race instead and it looks like DH and I have a dinner date sometime this week. Actually, this is cool because I have something to look forward to.

Next week is our pastor's last service with us. He is going on to further his studies. We are happy for him, but truly sad for the church's loss. Since he is packing now, DH and I gave him his gift this weekend, so that he would not have to pack it next week. I had originally stitched the Aaronic Benediction for him for Christmas. I did not want to announce here on my blog that it was a gift for someone because both he and members of my church visit here and I did not want to spoil the surprise. Right after I had finished the piece, he announced that he was leaving. I thought it was even more appropriate to give, since it is the blessing that we receive right before we leave church. DH and I presented it to him and he seemed genuinely touched. He said he could not believe the detail in it.

The Aaronic Blessing is my favorite part of the church service. I will probably stitch it again for my own home.

The race was pretty interesting and exciting today. It was held about 4 hours from here in Sonoma, California and looked more like a Formula One track. Tony came in second but it was a hard fought race. He and Kasey Kahne were so classy in their interviews. I am impressed in Nascar that you have these really competitive teams and at the end they are true gentlemen with each other. Jimmie Johnson had done something that really caused Kurt Busch to wipe out. At the end of the race, Jimmie wasted no time seeking Kurt out to apologize to him. I am really impressed when I see how respectfully all of the drivers treat each other for the most part. Sometimes, everyone, especially Tony can have a hot head, but at the end the day it is good to see kindness and respect between teams.

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