Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Progress

Although I had to work late today, I did come home and get to stitch. I just have to finish up the S-T-U and then I get to move the Q-snaps over to start the next nine letters. The colors are just spectacular. I am totally baffled by what the item for K is. It looks like a pea or a bean or something. What the heck is it and does it really start with K? Wouldn't kumquat have been a better choice? Or kiwi fruit? Or even kale. I am stumped by what it is.

I had to delete my "Tony wins" post from yesterday. He did an awesome job and I was totally thrilled for him. For such a fast driver though, the Nascar widget was totally slowing down my blog loading. What can I say, I can be a wee bit impatient. I figured that if I was having no fun waiting for the blog to load, then I certainly did not want to pass that on to you. We can celebrate without the live points feed from Nascar. Now we look forward to next week and his next win. Whoohoo.

I am watching the Food Network and they are showing how Hostess Snoballs are made. Snoballs are disappointing to me. They look so much better than they taste. They just seem like the flavors are out of balance or something. Maybe I need to do a taste test again...

Well, it had been another busy Monday, so I am going to hit the hay. Please let me know if you have any ideas on that K thing.

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kimstitch3 said...

looking great so far, you will be done in no time flat,Kimberly