Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stitchy Progress

I am moving on to my next nine squares. I am not sure what the orange fruit is that starts with U, but it was more complex than it looks to stitch. I totally love the strawberries and the beet. I am still puzzled about the K. What the heck is that?

I was talking about my pewter scissors in yesterday's post. I thought that I would show them here tonight. I love these scissors. They are so lovely and the satin finished pewter just looks so warm. I really need to make a scissor case worthy of their loveliness.

I am really thinking about the frame for this. The photo on the pattern has a weathered sage green frame and I am thinking that may be the safest course of action. I think it will match the greens in this really well as well as matching the colors I like to use in my kitchen.

I can not believe that it is Friday already. This week as been busy and really just flew by. I am still thinking about what I want to do for the weekend. I am sure the race and stitching will be a part of it!


mom2ask said...

Just Googled and discovered there is a fruit that starts with the letter U......Ugli fruit! It is orange and grows in Jamaica:

Can't help you with the "K" fruit or vegetable, though :(

~another Patti

Patti said...

You rock, Patti! Am I remembering correctly that you are also a momma to a mini schnauzer?!
I found the answer today and you are indeed correct that it is an ugli fruit. I learned something new today!

Thank you for your help!