Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Poor Liesie!

My poor little furryheaded princess had a terrible night last night. We have noticed over the past couple of days that she kept licking a spot on her side. DH became concerned about it yesterday, and we had decided that if she was still focused on it today we would go to the vet. Well, she had a really bad night last night, and would wake up and just keeping nursing that one spot for 10-12 minutes straight, no matter how hard I would try to distract her. She was making little whimpering noises, which is so unlike her. I felt so helpless last night, and the worst was going through my mind. We could not see anything, so I was worried that she was having internal pain.

I called the vet first thing this morning to get us in. I worried all day until her appointment. The doctor says that she is having some allergic reactions that are causing issues with her really sensitive schnauzer skin. He put her on medication, and has her taking Omega-3 fatty with her meals. The medicine is already helping her to not itch.

Now that the worst is over, I feel exhausted. I was so worried, plus had no sleep last night. I have felt like a zombie all evening. DH made a nice dinner of leftovers and I came into the bedroom to recline and stitch at about 7:30. I am looking forward to sleeping tonight and I am so glad to know that Liesie will be okay.

I did get to finish the Vidalia Onion tonight. Tomorrow night is Watermelon. I just saw a commercial on Discovery that there is a Deadliest Catch marathon this weekend. I am stoked. Hopefully, I can get alot finished on Saturday. I would really like to have it done by the following weekend. Then I will turn it over to DH so he can work his magic on a frame.

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Marnie said...

Hope your little girl is well on the road to recovery! My DH is a huge Deadliest Catch fan too. We just finished watching! Funny. Happy 4th!