Friday, June 12, 2009

It Helps To Actually Read The Pattern...

So today, I am sitting in my car, waiting for an appointment. I say to myself, "Self, this is a perfectly righteous time to clean out my stitchy bag." Okay, maybe I do not speak that cool to my own self. As I am organizing my stuff I pick up the pattern for Farmer's Alphabet, which is face down. I am not used to seeing it from that perspective. Something catches my eye. It says, "Fruits and Vegetables represented in pattern." It goes on to say that K is kidney bean. Go figure. The U is ugli fruit. Patti (mom2ask) had researched it herself and found it on wikipedia and posted the link in yesterday's post comment. I feel rather sheepish now. Baaaaaaa!

I did not really get to stitch today. I was really tired and not feeling well. Plus Liesie and I just walked at lunchtime today. We ran into a couple of her puppy friends on the walk so she was very happy.

I think I have mentioned that I am an accountant for a large non-profit. This is truly my dream job. Anyway, I was reading one of the publications today that is from an organization that supports non-profits. It was talking about ways to raise employee morale in a bad economy. One of the things that it talked about is the trend for companies to allow employees to bring their pets to work, provided that the pet means health and behavior requirements. They talked about the medical research that has been done on employees who bring their dogs to work. They found the instance of stress was much lower in people that bring their dogs to work. I think this is absolutely true. I take several walks a day, in the fresh air. If I am having a really stressful day, it is an amazing thing to give my dog a hug and get a kiss in return. I feel my stress level just drop giving and receiving love like that in the middle of my day. Plus, I do not stress about her being home alone. I am so grateful for the privilege to bring her with me. It makes a total difference in my productivity and happiness.''

Well, I am going to go do battle against the cold I am catching. Yuck.


Lisa said...

I think that we all get caught up on the excitement of a new stitching project and don't remember to read all the instructions. At least the information you didn't see just explained about the fruits & veggies in the design and not some stitching instructions! :)
A friend of mine works at a company that allows pets to come to work - for the most part it has been a positive experience...just have to make sure and have all the policies & guidelines in place outlining size of animal/obedience guidelines as well as health. She mentioned that some of the "big" dog owners were upset because they couldn't come into work...HR determined their dogs were up to obedience standard and they took it as being prejudice against big dogs.
Take care!

Patti said...

Kidney bean!! I never would have guessed that one. I still think kiwi fruit would have been a better choice, but who am I to question the very popular Prairie Schooler designers?

Your Farmer's Alphabet is looking great!