Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Early Morning Walks

It has been very warm and sunny here this week. This is not always the case here. Many mornings are cold and foggy. This has been very balmy. This is a photo of the beach at 6:30 am. It has been really beautiful.

We had a big adventure tonight. We have been in a house-sprucing-up mood. I love the HomeGoods store for inexpensive, high quality household items. We love Mediterranean style dishes and thought that HG would be a good place to look for them. The bummer part is that the closest HomeGoods about an hour away in Gilroy. So after I got home from work, we packed into the car for the ride to the Garlic Capital of the World. This is confirmed without a doubt when one drives into Gilroy on a hot day. The smell of garlic is thick in the air, only not in a really good way. Whoa, Nelly!

We did not find dishes, but did find some chair cushions that are perfect for my wicker chairs and amd a gorgeous shell wreath for my porch. The wreath actually is better than the one that I had pictured in my head. We also picked up a couple of puppy toys for a spoiled Schnauzer that we love. She will be surprised tomorrow.

I had promised DH that if we went to HomeGoods, I would treat him to Sonic. There is not one anywhere near here so it was a special treat. DH said that he has not been to one in over 12 years since he left Texas. We both had chili cheese dogs with tater tots. I can not remember the last time I had a tater tot. It was a special, out of the ordinary treat. DH had a Butterfinger shake something or other as desert. Tomorrow will probably be a veggie night for us now.

Now that I have my new chair cushions, I am ready to paint my wicker chairs. We have a deck off of our bedroom, and I was really hoping to create kind of an outdoor living room but wanted to tie it to the colors in our room. The cushions were perfect and were on clearance, two for $22. The ones we were looking at originally at an import store were $35 a piece. I am happy. I can't wait to sit outside and sip coffee outside. Maybe I will paint tomorrow night so we can sit in the chairs on Saturday morning...

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Natasha said...

That picture just screams solitude.

The HomeGoods store is great is'nt it. We have one near by but we dont have a Sonic ;) When I was living in the South I went. Next time we are driving near Gilroy, which is about an 1 hour for us as well, I will have to stop :)

Take Care