Sunday, July 12, 2009

So Close To Finishing!

I worked the last three squares simultaneously today. I am finishing up two of the squares now. I was thinking about trying to finish it so I could photograph it for my post tonight. However, I remembered how just the other day I was trying to rush and spent a whole lot of time pulling out my work. So I decided to wait until tomorrow night to finish.

Tomorrow night I am supposed to have a stitchy night over at DD's. We are supposed to go get our usual sushi, which is delectable. We get this soft shell crab sushi that is fried tempura-style in the sushi rolls. It is amazing. I could eat a whole plate of it all by myself. We go to this tiny, no-frills place that makes the best sushi in the world. Then the plan is to stitch and knit at her house nearby. Unless we decide to go get peddies, (My toenails have been unpainted for about a month)...

I am so excited to be so close to finishing this piece. As I look at the colors and how all of the rows just fit together, I am so thrilled that this will be on my wall. I have always loved fruits and vegetables in decorating. I think they are absolutely beautiful, which is probably why they have always been painted in still life paintings. There is such a plethora of colors and shapes in nature. The simplicity is what really speaks to me.

Well, there is a cute little puppygirl who looks like she would like my attention and some serious cuddling...


Lisa said...

Sushi...yummy. You'll have to share your favorite place because we are always looking for new places on the coast when we take day trips toward Half Moon or Carmel. I look forward to see your finish. Have a great stitching date!
Take care!

Patti said...

Hi Lisa,

The name of the place is Ocean Sushi near the new Trader Joes in Monterey. They are fabulous, but no frills! There is also a new barbecue restaurant in Monterey called Henry's on Lighthouse. It is really, really good!

Bon Apetit!