Friday, July 3, 2009

Had Today Off

Our organization had today off for the holiday. It was a nice treat to have a Friday off. I got my hair cut and we got out and ran errands. We had to go to Home Depot, one of my fave places. I get so inspired when I go in there. We have a few projects going on around the house and needed to pick up supplies, like paint for my chairs.

I stitched late into the night last night, so I did not get to post, as I fell asleep. That watermelon was labor intensive, let me tell you. I got to stitch tonight too. We put in a movie and I was able to get the corn square done. I am so excited that I will be able to stitch tomorrow. Tony is racing tomorrow and then the Deadliest Catch marathon is on. I am hoping to get a lot accomplished. I also am going to paint a couple of old wicker chairs, and have a little yard work to do. The day will be busy. We plan on barbecuing in the evening and just relaxing.

The plan for tomorrow is to stay home for the holiday. We live in a popular tourist destination and traffic into town was at a standstill today. Tomorrow will be insane. We will not be leaving the house. So far the plan is to just barbecue then watch a movie or something. Liesie is still not feeling 100% better yet either so it will be good to day home, so she can play in her yard, and nap in her bed.

Have a Happy 4th tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

that looks wonderful, Patti!


Patti said...

Thank you, Lori!