Saturday, July 25, 2009

It was a really great day today. DH and I had a date for the Bach Festival Viennese Matinee today. It was really incredible. Musicians come from all over the world to participate, so the quality and selection of music is more than one who loves classical music can dream of. DH and I both love classical music. My favorite composer is Johann Sebastion Bach himself. Although there were no Bach compositions today at the particular concert we attended, it was so amazing. We are so glad we were able to go.

It has been so cold today. Fifty six degrees and foggy. We have both been wearing sweaters today. I am still feeling pretty exhausted, even though I was able to sleep until 7:30 this morning. I came home this afternoon and took a nap during the beginning of the Nationwide race. I was able to stitch for a while and made a little bit of progess on Old Glory. It is really coming along quickly. I showed DH a couple of Jill Rensel mats online today, including the Old Glory mat. He agrees that it really does make the difference in the framing. Looks like I had better start a little savings plan for a while.

We had to run out late this afternoon to get to supplies to make the frame for my fair entry. I am looking forward to seeing it finished. It will look wonderful in the kitchen, too, when the fair is over.

They are racing at the Brickyard this weekend. Since Tony is from Indiana, it is sort of his home track. So we are all hoping for good things for Smoke. Go Tony!

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