Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I am very happy. I was finally able to finish it tonight. Whoohoo!

It has been a busy evening. I have an important meeting tomorrow so I brought a bunch of work home to prep for it. My DH made a nice dinner while I worked. The weather is absolutely beautiful here this week, so we ate outside, which was very relaxing. Then DH did dishes while I worked some more. I did my meeting prep until 8 then decided to pack it up for a while. So I picked up my stitching. I was able to finish it up in an hour.

I am really fortunate because DH does all of my framing. He says it is now his turn. He said he can do the nice weathered green frame that I have in mind. He also said that he will make sure that he gets a piece of glass for the frame since it is going into the kitchen. I am so excited.

I am so grateful for the kind postings about our little Liesie-poo. We just adore this little dog. She is less than a foot tall, but is definitely a big dog in a little outfit. She really is amazing and we can not imagine life without her. Her second birthday is in two weeks, a day I am sure that will be filled with toys and treats. She may even talk us into going back to her favorite dog friendly restaurant for her favorite chicken breast.


Lisa said...

Patti - Congratulations on the finish! It looks beautiful. Now I can't wait to see the finished "finish" after your DH does his part.
Take care!

Kim said...

Your finish is beautiful, congrats on your finish.

Pets are wonderful and they bring so much happiness to our lives everyday.

I hope Liesie enjoys her special day :)

Carol said...

What a lovely finish Patti! And how lucky are you to have a husband who not only cooks you dinner, but makes frames for your finishes :)