Sunday, July 5, 2009

What a great day...

Today was a great day. I got to sleep in an extra hour and a half today. It was lovely. Then we all took a walk down to the beach. It was already getting crowded so I am glad we did that early. It is usually cold, but it was warm enough to just wear long sleeve shirts and jeans. We had a nice walk then came back to start our chores.

My closet has been looking like a bomb went off in it, so I was finally able to get that clean. I could actually find the mates to all of my shoes. There has also been a project that has been calling to me. In the backyard, there a bed of ivy that has been trained in a diamond pattern up the wall, but has fallen into disrepair by previous tenants. It is a popular thing to do with ivy in our neighborhood and looks quite cool. It has been very overgrown so I got out the hedge trimmer and went to work. It looks much better now, but my arm was shaky for a couple hours after that. It made it kinda hard to stitch. LOL

After all of that activity, I decided to sit down and stitch for a while. I got my favorite Safeway Italian Lemon soda, turned on the Deadliest Catch marathon (I am all caught up on this season, whoohoo!) and started on my stitching. I am happy to say that I only have six squares left. It has been absolutely peaceful and happy to relax and stitch. Little Miss Liesie napped the afternoon away right next to me on her red fuzzy blanket. She is such a comfort to have next to me when I stitch.

We had a quick dinner of fried leftover spaghetti. I am not sure anyone else does this with their leftovers, but we always did as I was growing up. You put a pat of butter in the pan, then fry the leftover spaghetti in it. It is so delicious and kind of decadent. It is one of my favorite dinners. When I make spaghetti, I am always looking forward to the leftovers.

I got right back to stitching and my marathon of DC right after our quick dinner and my stitching. A few minutes ago, DH brought me a glass of milk and some peanut butter cookies. He also lit a fire in the fireplace, since it is chilly here. It is quite cozy.

Well, off to do my last bit of stitching for the evening! Hope you have a great week ahead.


Bronny said...

Sounds like a perfect sort of day entirely. I'd like to see a pic of the wall of ivy - sounds neat to have a neighbourhood with the same garden icon.
It sounds like you had a great time stiching too - and leftovers in any way shape and form are a favourite here too!

Lisa said...

Sounds like an awesome day! Sleeping in, a nice walk on the beach, a little yard work, good food, and lots of stitching. Heaven!