Friday, July 10, 2009


Tonight I finally finished that zuchini. Now I know how Captain Ahab felt about Moby Dick. After all that frogging and all of that green, I was so over it. Now I am happy and all is right in my world.

I now have five squares left. I am pretty darn excited. I will work on it for a while during the race tomorrow.

I will not have a whole lot of time tomorrow for stitching. I have to attend the memorial service of a friend. Her husband called me Sunday night to tell me that she had passed from a horrible cancer that affects one in one million people. She was only in her mid sixties and is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. She was so incredibly kind with such a great spirit. We had sort of lost touch for a while due to life happening, so it was such a shock out of the blue. I had actually been thinking about her a lot lately. On the day I got the call, I had picked up a beautiful toile box and was holding it. She knew that I love red toile and gave it to me after I had gone through a really tough time. There will be so many people that will miss her.

So if you get a chance, pick up the phone today and call a friend you haven't called in a while.

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