Saturday, July 11, 2009

Liesl's Portrait

A few weeks ago, one of the gentlemen at work had brought in his photography equipment and was taking photographs of some of the employees' dogs. As he was passing my office he asked if he could take a photo of my little furgirl. I had not had time to wash her beard or brush her out, so it was more a case of the momma licking her palm to smooth out the beard quickly before the camera clicked.

This is my all time favorite picture of her. This is the Liesl that I know, the one with the big soulful eyes, and sweet look on her face. I am so grateful for this picture. I know I could never ever have taken a photo like it. Isn't she so beautiful?

My friend's memorial was very sweet. I just can not believe she is no longer here. She was so full of excitement and made everything exciting around her. Today the world seems a little more boring without her. Usually after memorial services I feel better, like I have closure. Today I feel sadder. I feel so badly for her husband and family.

I stitched for a little while tonight during the race. I finished the Q square. Now I am off to stitch H. I now have four squares to go. I wonder how far I will get this weekend. Hopefully, I will have a photo finish for tomorrow night's post.


Anonymous said...

She`s beautiful.Sometimes the best pics are the unplanned ones.Her eyes say it all :)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Patti, Liesl does have such soulful eyes! What a beauty and such a lovely photo to cherish forever!

Have fun stitching! I need to get out my sampler to stitch on are inspiring me to do just that.


They call me Estatez... said...

Patti, I came across your blog while reading Becky's blog today (I'm one of her followers...lurker mostly, lol). I live in Central Ca (about 2 hours south of Becky) and one of our most favorite places on earth is Monterey/Carmel. We honeymooned there nearly 39 years ago. But the thing that most caught my attention is your Liesl. I had a black and silver schnauzie and her name was Pretzel. She was my baby and went everywhere with me. She was a momma's girl for sure. She has been gone from my life for 12 years and just recently I told dh our next dog (we currently have two rescues who are getting quite old) is going to be another black and silver schnauzer. I think your Liesl is gorgeous!


Patti said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments about my sweet girl! You made my day!

lenna said...

What an absolutely gorgeous dog she is and what beautiful eyes. I would not have known she was not ready for that picture. Your lick and smooth worked very well.
I am impressed with your stitching also. You do some big beautiful work.
My son is moving to Cal. in the next month so I hope to get to visit soon. He plans to be an actor. Break a leg, Tris.
Keep up the good work and I will be back to visit, often. My new blog is come by and see it if you have time.
God Bless ~~