Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday, Monday, La, La, etc.

It was a very busy day today. I had a lot on my plate at work, including the payroll. I totally love my job, and I really like it when I am busy, and whoohoo, it was a wild ride today! (Amidst all of the work, several of us were able to get in a conversation here and there about Saturday's race. ) It was a full day, and I came home a little pumped up. As a result, it was one of the rare occassions that I did not feel like stitching. I cleaned my kitchen, and kind of neatened up the house.

I did get to poke around on the computer this evening after my chores. I get the weekly email from Nordic Needle and this week they had some really great stuff about hardanger. I love hardanger and think in many ways that it is faster than cross stitch. I love the lacey finish and how elegant it looks.

It took me about 20 years to try hardanger, because I was really scared about the cutting. I finally took a $10 Make It and Take It class at CATS about 7 years ago. It was so easy and I was amazed that we finished our small project so quickly. After that I kind of dabbled in the non-cutting stitches of hardanger, such as the kloster blocks and eyelet stitches. I was happy to stay in the safe zone. Finally, an opportunity to take a class with the great Lori Birmingham arose several years later, also at CATS. She was a great teacher and went through the steps of cutting. The most important thing I took away that day was to pick up the threads you intend to cut on your scissor blade and count several times to make sure that you have the correct number.

Now I love to work in hardanger. There are several pieces by the Victoria Sampler I would love to stitch. They have some gorgeous freebies to start, as does Nordic Needle. Both have great tutorials, as well. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about trying hardanger to go ahead and take the plunge. Please do not wait 20 years like I did. There is a whole big world out there in the pearlized threads that include, drawn work and white work. All are so elegant. While there is a wide variety of colors to work in, I still love the elegance of the ivory on ivory.

I shall definately have to put a hardanger piece in the line up this year.


Cathy Pavlovich said...

I love your blog -- saw it on the 123Stitch message board. I'm also hoping to "branch out" in my favorite hobby, cross stitch. I need to put Hardanger on the list!

Patti said...

Hi Cathy!

Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate your nice words. I hope you will continue to visit.

Hardanger is so much fun. It really creates a beautiful finished product. I encourage you to try it!