Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Nice Day

This is one of my treasures that I bought at Elegant Stitch in Modesto a couple of weeks ago. As I was looking at some patterns and kits, DD started looking at some lower shelves. She pulled out the most gorgeous silk purse and decided on the spot that she had to have it. We were shocked by the low price of $20. I quickly asked her if there were any more. She went back and pulled out the one pictured for the same price. It is silk with beaded centers on the flowers. It is so pretty and holds my wallet, phone, Kindle, and ipod, so it is quite roomy. The problem is that I feel like I should cover it in vinyl like a sofa so that it does not get dirty. I am quite protective of it. Maybe I should carry it in a purse. LOL

I got to stitch today at lunch and tonight. I am over halfway through with the zucchini square. It is kind of exciting to be this close to finishing. After this, I will just have 5 squares to go. I am really hoping we can do the green weathered frame for it. I think it would look perfect in my kitchen.

The good news of the day is that Liesl is feeling much better. She was trotting around the house when she got home today. She was also very bright eyed. She looked like herself and it made me so happy. We decided to go to our favorite dog friendly restaurant, where they even have a doggie menu. Liesie was excited as we drove up. All she could think of from then on was chicken breast (the only treat she is allowed to have there, since the other menu items are high in fat. Fat is real no-no for schnauzers.) Chicken breast is a once in a long while treat. She was still feeling happy when she got home and rough housed with her daddy for a while before deciding it was time to fall into what her daddy and I refer to as "her chicken coma." She sleeps hard and generally snores after she gets this special treat. My heart is happy that I got to see her so happy again.

While we were having our dinner (oh, yeah, we got to eat, too...) we got to meet some two nice couples from Modesto who were there with their three beautiful scotties. I mentioned that I had just been to Modesto a couple of weeks ago with the 123stitchers. That is when the two ladies told me that they, too are stitchers! We talked about the Elegant Stitch and our favorite designers. We traded blog addresses and I have added Becky's blog to my blog roll. It is very beautiful and stylized. It is listed as Sweet Cottage Dreams on my sidebar.

This has really been a great day. DH and I sat counting our blessings tonight and talked about all of the wonderful things in our lives. Today we are most grateful for Liesie feeling so much better.

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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Patti!!!! Isn't it just the smallest of worlds? It was just a joy to meet you, your hubby and sweet and adorable Liesl! See ... if it weren't for "dog talk" we probably would have never even met! God bless those little fur faces! If you are down here again, let me know and I'd love to meet you at E.S.!

Happy day!!