Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Got Reaquainted With The Frog Tonight

Grrr. I had to unstitch my yam tonight. I was getting ready to do the accent color and realized that my count was off. Even though it is a small block, it was still a drag to rip it out. It is alway a bummer when that happens. On the happy side, I did get it all restitched so I can move on.

It is cold here. Actually, I heard on the radio that it is even cold up in the SF Bay Area. I have a sweatshirt, warm, wooly socks (that my sweet DD knit for me) and my blankets and yet, I am still cold. It did make a nice evening to stitch, but now my hands are getting cold. It does not help that I am watching Deadliest Catch, and I just feel so cold when I watch that show. I just do not know how those guys do it. Every time I think I have had a hard day at work, I see this show and it puts it all in perspective. I am really, really lucky.

Liesie seems to be recovering from her allergic reaction. She is on Prednisone for a total of 15 days. Apparently, there is an antihistamine in it that makes dogs droopy and sleepy. Miniature schnauzers are normally a very active, busy breed. So it is hurting my heart to see her looking so out of character. I will be glad when this is over and will make sure that we do everything possible so that she never has to go through this again. She is such a cool little dog and I truly miss her trotting around the house. She has a happy trot that makes me feel happy to watch.

My cell phone is in the beginning stages of being in its end stages. Ironically, my contract also recently expired It is funny how the phone knows. LOL Anyway, I have always had the rock bottom number of minutes plus unlimited text messages. I actually hate talking on the phone. I would rather talk to someone in person. I am now faced with making a major commitment on a new phone. DH has a Blackberry and says that I should get the Blackberry Storm. Oooh, pretty. The additional $30 a month for internet, not so much. But then there are 20 other phones to choose from. But again, it seems like all of them are going with a trend of having internet access. I am overwhelmed by it, and know that I have to stick with my choice for two years. This is as important as deciding to get married. LOL

Have a great Wednesday.

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