Sunday, July 19, 2009


It was a really good weekend. Liesie had her last Prednisone yesterday and is already acting like her sassy, schnauzer self. She has been trotting around the house, busy as ever (mini schnauzers are VERY busy little dogs.) We have always read that the breed needs lots of exercise, lots of activity and lots of toys, otherwise they make their own fun with your stuff. So, I tend to pick up toys when I find them really cheap. DH said that he has never seen a dog that loves toys so much. Tonight, she had made a little heap of her favorites (newer toys) and laid down on top of it to go to sleep. She cracks us up.

DH had a special rehearsal of his brass quintet this afternoon at the house. I figured that this was not going to sit well with Miss Liesie, who would want to be in the middle of it and perhaps sing along. So, Liesl and I went off to run errands. I went over to the place where I bought the too short drapes to see if there was a possibility of me returning them. The nice folks at the store readily accepted them and let me exchange them for something else. I don't feel so bad anymore. I also picked up two lovely hanging baskets of impatiens for $6.50 a piece.

We had a nice, relaxing afternoon and evening. It was taco night! Yum! I read my book for a while and then decided it was time to pick up something to stitch. I pulled out Old Glory by Shepard's Bush. This was one of the things I bought in Modesto a few weeks ago. Shepard's Bush makes really high quality kits. I was impressed when I opened it to find 32 ct Lambswool. It was serged all the way around. Nice. The silks included Thread Gatherer and a French silk thread. The buttons are JABC. I am very impressed. The pattern itself is printed on high quality paper. This will be a fun stitch and the colors are so beautiful. I have a feeling it will go quickly, too. The silks and lambswool feel so beautiful in the hand. I am a happy girl.

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