Thursday, July 23, 2009


Wow! This week has just blown by. I can't believe we are coming into Friday already. Holy moley!

I am sitting here tonight with the sounds of a schnauzer snoring away. She has cute little snores. It is a comforting sound. The meds have been worn off for two days now and she is back to being a sassy little girl. Her stubborness seems to have gotten worse. (This breed is very stubborn.) But all in all, we are so glad to have her back to being her busy little self. She is past due for getting her hair did, so tomorrow she is going to the groomer first thing in the morning. I did not want to put her or her wonderful groomer through her cranky spell while we were dealing with the Prednisone, so I cancelled last week's appointment. She is kind of fluffy and curly right now. Since she has hair instead of fur, she has to be groomed quite regularly.

I have been picking away at Old Glory, and hope to post a photo this weekend. I am almost done with the blue field. Next I will do a couple of white stripes. I have a feeling this one will be done way too soon. Luckily, I have a couple more Shepard's Bush kits when this one is done.

I had to buy two new books this week. I say had to because I was ordering a little book light for my Kindle on Amazon (so I can read at night without disturbing DH). It came to way less than the minimum for free shipping. I can not stand to actually pay for shipping so I had to look for something to buy instead. I found two books, The Beginner's Book of Drawn Thread, and Whitework. I am hoping to get a chance to read them cover to cover this weekend. The covers and the reviews were great so I hope they are awesome.

Happy Friday!

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