Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sprucing Up The House Day!

We have actually been looking forward to this all week! We both have had a really super busy week, and now we are looking forward to fixing up the nest, so to speak. I bought new drapes for the dining room about two months ago. DH is going to hang them. I am working on my wicker chairs. We both have major cleaning to do in addition to some other sprucing projects. I am thinking that a trip to Home Depot is in the near future as well. We both love working on stuff around the house so it should be a pretty fun day. Plus we get to stay in. I may need to take a nap, too.

At some point today or tomorrow, I need to go shopping in my craft room for a project. My fingers are getting a little twitchy after two days of no stitching. I feel a little lost. I am thinking of something pretty for the bedroom, which means something in soft blues and pinks. I just bought those nice Shephard's Bush kits a few weeks ago at the Elegant Stitch in Modesto. One of them may be the winner.

Last night, we went to our favorite dog friendly restaurant again. Although we both had a busy week, it was also a really fulfilling one for each of us (we both love our jobs), so we felt like celebrating. We had planned on going out to another place alone, but Miss Liesl was looking so cute and smiley, we just could not leave her. So off we went. It was a gorgeous evening, and the restaurant was full, with so many other beloved dogs. There was a Great Pyrenees at the next table. Liesl is less than a foot tall, but believes herself to be a big dog. We have not broken the news to her. We let her live in that bubble. LOL Anyway, she had to go over and smell noses with this huge dog. She had her chicken breast, we had our fondue. It was a good evening and relaxing.

Have a happy Saturday!


Natasha said...

A dog friendly resturant? I live in the Bay Area and I am always looking for places to take our pups,could you tell me where you go?

Patti said...

There are so many more businesses that cater to people with dogs now. If you go to and type in the city you are interested in, you will find lots of restaurants. Our favorites here on the Monterey Peninsula are Forge in the Forest, Tarpy's Roadhouse, and Bahama Billy's. All three have dog menus and start the meal by bringing out water in glasses for the people and a water bowl for the pups. At Forge, the people with dogs have their own patio seating and the management walk around with biscuits in their pockets to give the dogs as they pass by.

For something really special in Carmel, Doris Day's hotel, the Cypress Inn is a place where you can take your dog to tea.

Liesl recommends any and all of them for the fabulous chicken breast!

I also hear that Solvang, Mendocino, and San Diego are VERY dog friendly!