Thursday, July 30, 2009

Making Progress

I finished my row of lambies tonight on Old Glory. They are so cute. I will post a photo this weekend. I had hoped to make more progress this week, but hey, my little world was wild, I tell you. I am hoping to get some rest this weekend, after I drop off my fair entry. Working on my cross stitch is definitely part of the rest plan. I am really tired.

I got to walk down to the beach tonight after work. It was pretty brisk, and I am really glad that I wore my jacket. Brrrr. But the air was nice and fresh, and helped me to relax. Liesl is so cute. She loves to sit on my lap sometimes when we stop during our walk and just watch the world. We sat for a while and just watched the waves and the people going by.

I am hoping to finally get those chairs painted this weekend. It is a project that is looming large ahead of me and I should probably get it done before I have to stow them for the winter. I also want to shop the Peterboro Basket online sale this weekend. I love their baskets. They are works of art!

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