Thursday, July 9, 2009

Grrr. Had To Frog Again...

This is what I get for being lazy and not counting a row. Instead, I ran the row to meet the stitches from another color across the square. I neglected to figure in the fact that there was a third color that went between the two. I did not realize it until I was getting ready to finish off the thread and then saw that my letter Z was all wonky. sigh... I did get it pulled out and re-stitched but I lost valuable, at-a-premium time. It seems that this happens when I get to the end of a project. I tend to rush at the end of a project, and unfortunately, that means errors. I would like to remember to slow down a bit in future projects.

Speaking of which, I am not sure what to stitch next. I am starting to mull potential projects over. There is not one that is totally calling my name yet. Perhaps I will just work on organizing my stash for a while. It needs to be cataloged in Excel.

Liesl and I took a nice walk on the beach after dinner tonight. It was a bit chilly, but we were happy to get some fresh air and exercise. She is now down to taking her medicine every other day so she is getting back to schnauzer business. Tomorrow she is going to work with me. She loves to see her puppy friends and her human friends who bring her cookies. At lunchtime we usually take a walk around a nearby pond. There are ducks in the pond, and there are times we will just sit cuddling on a park bench while we watch the ducks. She just likes to watch them swim and sits quietly. I love spending my lunchtimes with her. She is the best lunch date ever.

Have a happy Friday!

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