Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Autumn Is Upon Us

Well, the season is truly changing now. It is colder and I am finding myself wanting a lovely cup of hot cocoa in the evening. No longer do I find myself thinking about coming home to my garden. Instead, I am enjoying evenings indoors and thinking about baking and quilting.

It drizzled a bit today. It is sort of frustrating when it drizzles, because I wish it would rain and get it over with. I do like the rain, but only when I am home out of the weather. I love the way it sounds on the roof as I drift off to sleep at night or as I sit stitching with Liesl tucked into a blanket next to me on the sofa.

I am thinking that I may plan my winter in the same way I plotted out my summer. There are some indoor projects I would like to complete. I would like to get a small quilted wall hanging completed. I have been promising homemade marshmallows to a couple of friends, and I would like to have dinners for my friends. I would like to read some really great books. I remember a long time ago reading a Martha Stewart magazine and she would have a calendar where she would plan out things like dividing plants, or making a birthday gift. I am thinking this may be a good idea so I can get everything done that I am excited about.

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Anonymous said...

Hello...what a lovely place for me to stop today....I look forward to visiting again.....