Monday, October 11, 2010


Yay! I am feeling much better. Still have the sore throat, but all in all, definitely on the mend. Whoohoo.

Had a pretty good day today. It was really productive, which always feels good. I got to come home right after work. I started to putter, but realized I should probably take it easy. I ended up chatting on the phone with a couple of friends, which always fills my heart with so much joy. One of my girlfriends has a standard schnauzer so we always take time to share our schnauzer stories, which make us laugh. If you know anyone with a schnauzer of any size, they will tell you similar stories of a dog with a really goofy sense of humor. So we have our little schnauzer fan club and celebrate a breed that is very complex, but truly amazing dogs. LOL

I am going to stitch to DWTS tonight but only for a little while. I really feel the need to go to bed early and keep getting this yuckiness out of my system. It has been a wonderful day though filled with beauty, friendship and joy.

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Natasha said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. DWTS is a new favorite of mine this year, I have always been against watching it beofre, for some readon but I am really enjoying it now :)

I have a westie and a Scnhauzer mix and I tell ya she is a riot
Take Care and feel better