Friday, October 29, 2010

Party Day

I had plans after work, but was so tired, I had to come home, put on my jammies and crashed on the sofa with my stitching. Liesl was more exhausted than me. She ate her dinner and then put herself to bed.

Today's party at work was really great. The food was awesome, the rain held off, and we had a lot of fun. Our pumpkin did not win, but the ones that did were really good! Liesl had so much fun. When I put her Dracula cape on in my office, she did her legs buckling thing and glared at me with her head hanging down. It was quite pitiful.

The story was different when she got up to the party and saw her doggie friends all dressed up and loving it. Plus, everyone was telling her she looked beautiful. Suddenly she was posing for photos doing her show dog stance and smiling. (She is descended from show dogs, and ever since she was a little baby, she has done the stance. My daughter calls it "Liesl doing her pretty legs.") She was even smiling for the camera. What a ham. My friend at work calls her "Mangia Una" in Italian, because she says that Liesl eats it up.

Anyway, she was enjoying little bites of my hamburger bun and tiny, tiny bites of hamburger, until our CEO, who was doing the barbecuing, came over with a hot dog that he had cut up for the dogs. Liesl has never had hot dog and wondered what little bite of Heaven she had been given. It was all she and the other dogs could think about after that. She played with her puppy friends and made sure she saw all of her favorite people. After we got back to my office, she crashed and was sound asleep the rest of the afternoon. Then as I said early, she went right to bed after dinner.

I did stitch for a little while but I am totally tired, so I had to be really careful. Otherwise, I will be pulling out my work tomorrow. So I have just been taking it easy. I think I will finish my book and turn in early so I can have fun tomorrow.

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