Monday, October 18, 2010

Liesl's Throne

Yes, this is where she holds court. Liesl loves the ottoman. It is one of those bench type ottomans. She likes to stretch out to her full length on it. Oh, and if your feet, the remote, or anything that is in her way should happen to be on it, expect a cold nose to nudge it off. LOL She does love this spot, especially when company is over. I suspect it is because she is the direct center of attention. LOL She is a bit sleepy in this picture, and quickly moved when I attempted to take another photo. She does look pretty cute laying here, especially when she dangles her feet over the edge.

We had a good day today. I got a lot of work done today, then came home to a really ordinary evening. I love ordinary evenings. I made a wonderful, healthy dinner. Did a little bit of stitching. Played with Liesl, then brushed her out. As you can see, she has beautiful, really soft and shiny fur, that is fun to brush. It is on really ordinary evenings that I really have the opportunity to see how blessed I am. Enough food to eat, a place to live, a meaningful job, amazing family and friends, a sweet dog...I am truly fortunate.

It is most definitely fall here now. It is cool and we are expecting more rain later in the week. I have a little nook of a front porch and I am thinking about doing a little decorating for fall out there. I think I may go buy a cute pumpkin at Safeway to put out there, too. It would look really darling and happy, if I put some work into it. I have to go through my stuff to see what I have to make it look cute out there. I do love fall, especially all of the colors. I think I may have to check out Martha Stewart's website for more inspiration. She always has great, inexpensive ideas!

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