Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Work In Progress

Here's Willie! As you can see, I am coming into the home stretch. I still have to do the two mittens that hang from his cute tree branch arms. My goal is to complete them tomorrow during Dancing with the Stars. I am starting the back stitch on his head and doing it as I finish up each section. I do not love doing backstitch, so I try to break it up.

It did not rain all weekend as expected. We did get the rain all of Friday night, but it gave way to sunny skies and warm weather all weekend. Liesl stretched out and sunbathed today. I wish I could capture on camera what a happy little dog she is. She laid out in the sun, watched over her queendom that is her backyard, played with her toys, and came and sat in front of me so I could scratch her neck.

I got all of my chores done today, which makes me feel good. I love a clean house, clean sheets, having the laundry done, etc. I also had to drop off my library books back at the library. I had the pleasure of reading three really excellent books back to back, so I felt a little sad taking them back to the library. I felt like I was saying goodbye to three really wonderful friends.

Well, I am off to bed early so I can be ready for the work week. It is my busy week as an accountant so I want to hit the ground running and be well rested. I hope you have a great work week, too!

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