Friday, October 15, 2010


Oh, my goodness, I am tired. It has been a busy week at work and I am still getting over the dregs of that bug I had. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home. All I wanted was to get home. However, I was out of Newman's Own moist dog food (it gets mixed with a certain spoiled dog's kibble. ) The only place that carries it around here is Safeway, which thankfully is on my way home. Had it not been for the aforementioned spoiled schnauzer, I would have just gone home with my eyes glazed over. But, she gobbles it up and looks so happy after her dinner, so it is totally worth it. In fact, we were just saying at work today that we love the look of a happy dog.

Speaking of happy dogs, Liesl is pretty worn out tonight. She got to play with her big dog friends today. Both of these dogs have about 25-30 pounds on her and yet she holds her own with them. (I think she trusts them and knows neither one of them would ever hurt her.) So she runs with them, smack talks like them, shoulder bumps them as she goes by them, and loves to chase and be chased by them. She looks hilarious running by them as fast as she can. Mini schnauzers are known for being able to cover a lot of ground really fast, which is how a lot of them end up getting lost. Liesl was exhausted all day, but all three dogs had their eyes all lit up and big smiles. She came home and went to bed early, after her feast.

I got to stitch tonight. Willie is so close to being done. He is so darn cute. The photos totally do not do this cute little guy any justice. He is so sparkly and adorable.

Off to get some rest...

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April Mechelle said...

Sounds like you are liesl have had a busy fun day. Hope that Bug get gone real soon !!