Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trader Joe's rocks! Tonight I had to run into the local TJ's for salad. I am trying to stick to my diet in hopes of dropping another size in the next month. I had my salad fixins' in hand, ready to check out and that was when I spied them-dark chocolate covered caramels. I wrestled with my myself, but in the end I got them as a special treat. I had one tonight after my salad, and it was spectacular! I totally heart Trader Joe's.

Tomorrow is the prep day for our Halloween party at work. My department has to get our pumpkin decorated tomorrow in order to enter the company contest. Our project is super tippy top secret. Then, tomorrow night I have to make my contribution to the party. I am not cool enough to dress up this year, but Liesl will go as a vampire. Her cape is the only thing that she will wear for the five minute maximum. She does not like to dress up at all. In fact, she goes into full on drama queen mode if I put her raincoat on when it is rainy or really cold. Her legs buckle under the weight of the coat, her shoulders droop, and she will sit with her back to me. So the little cape will be her concession, but the clock will be ticking on her tolerance.

I did get to stitch tonight. I will post photos this weekend!

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