Friday, October 8, 2010


It has been a couple of days since I posted. I caught the crud that is going through my office and was feeling pretty gross yesterday. I had to stay home and spent the whole day laying down because I felt so rotten. Get your flu shots and have plenty of hand sanitizer around. It looks like this is going to be a bad cold and flu season.

What was kind of cool was that in the wee hours of Thursday morning, I could not get comfortable enough to sleep. I kept moving around. Liesl is not much of a lap dog, she will snuggle, loves to be hugged and kissed, but does not sit on a lap, nor does she like to be touched while she is sleeping, unless she is cold, sick, hurt or scared. Therefore, she sleeps in her own bed, unless it is really, really cold. Well, she must have sensed something was wrong because after my wiggling around trying to get comfortable enough to sleep, she let me know that she wanted to be up on the bed. She came up and snuggled up right against me and laid really still. I was able to go pretty much right to sleep with her calm, warm, furry self right there. She must have sensed that I needed some sort of comforting. She laid perfectly still until mid morning, until I felt I could get up and make a cup of tea. Dogs are pretty amazing in their perception. I think they know way more than we give them credit for.

I am feeling better tonight and plan a weekend of quiet. I got to stitch tonight. I am almost done with Willie Melt and will post photos the weekend. I have to get ready to stitch Ellie May after this.

I got to have dinner with my daughter tonight. We met at our favorite burger place and got to catch up. We decided to get our hair done together tomorrow morning and go poke around the craft store. Other than that I am going to rest and sleep this bug out of my system.

Stay well!

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