Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Nice Saturday

Well, the day did not go entirely the way I had planned, but it was still super. The skies were semi clear this morning. The air had that warmth that it does before it is going to rain, so I wanted to go for a nice long walk with Liesl. She knew what was up on the way to Pacific Grove, so she got really excited and starting shaking with excitement in the car. Pretty darn cute. We walked about three miles total, which was really nice. Monterey Bay was nice and calm for the moment, and the path was relatively uncrowded.

I was still feeling pretty motivated when I got home, and decided to do some pre-weather garden prep. I trimmed a large floral hedge back, swept up dead leaves, weeded a few beds, filled the yard waste bin, moved the outdoor furniture out of the weather, and transplanted a huge geranium that was so root-bound it was not funny. It must have been in this pot for years. It has not been very healthy so I knew that unless it got planted in the ground, it was not going to live much longer. In order to move it, I broke off a bunch of legs and transplanted them in my driveway. It will look darling when it matures out front. While I was out there, I got to officially meet one of the neighbors that moved in across the street a few months ago. She is a total sweetheart and has a couple of dogs that she is always doting on. She told me that they are now keeping chickens in their backyard and she would like to share some eggs with me. I am so excited. A new friend and fresh eggs. I am pretty happy.

I am thrilled because just as I came in and was taking off my shoes, the skies opened up and the rain came down the rest of the afternoon. I must have totally overdone it because Liesl and I came in and took a long nap. I got to putter around the house after that. It was so nice. I like puttering around my little bitty house. It is only 600 square feet, so puttering does not take a long time. I have two friends that have little houses (even smaller than mine), too, and we always talk about how much we love it. They are quick to clean, easy to maintain and just enough space. Plus, if you are ever going to buy something you need to think long and hard about your purchase because something else has to go so that you have room for it. This includes something like a pair of pants. It makes you run a really lean household. Plus I only have one closet. It also makes you have to be very organized.

Well, I am off to stitch and read my book. I am reading a really good one, "Shanghai Girls" by Lisa See.

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