Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Witnessing a Miracle

What an evening. I stayed home tonight so that my throat can get all of the way better. The bonus was that I got to come home a bit early today, too. It was a beautiful afternoon, and the sky was the most beautiful shade of blue. It is a blue that you only see in the autumn sky. Rather than starting chores right away like I felt I should, instead I changed into my playclothes (sweats) and relaxed. I had a glass of juice and just decompressed for a while. I got out my stitching and worked on Willie for a while. I am coming into the home stretch on this piece. I will kind of miss it when I am done. It was nice to sit down and relax when I got home rather than rush around, doing chores and cooking dinner.

Tonight I got to see the amazing rescue of two of the Chilean miners. It is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. God bless them, the rescue workers and the people of Chile. It has been beautiful to see the love of families reuniting. It has been beautiful to see the moment of joy of rescue workers as they see everything they have worked for come to a successful conclusion. It truly is a miracle. I pray for the miners continued recovery and readjustment. I am so happy for their families. Thanks be to God!

I had a little bit of a lonely evening. I had an overly tired schnauzer tonight. She got to play with every single one of her puppy friends at work today, including her favorite big dog, who always covers her head in dog spit. Her fur on her head is always a bit crisp after she plays with him. LOL. She wears it proudly. She fearlessly boxes his nose with her front paws, then he puts her whole head in his mouth and slobbers in her hair. They think this is a hilarious game and both have big doggie grins afterward. Anyway, she honored me with a few passes of playing fetch with her favorite squeaky ball. She decided then she would rather chew on her chewie and then walked off to her puppy bed with nary a "good night." She cracks me up.

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