Friday, October 22, 2010

Cheap Thrills

Earlier this week I posted that I would like to decorate a small porch/alcove with a fall theme. I had to run by Target after work to pick up some non exciting things like shampoo, so while I was there I looked at welcome mats. They had a beautiful fall themed welcome mat, on clearance for $6.48. Yay! I was feeling pretty happy, and thought that I would look across the street at the local Marshalls for more fall inspiration. (I heart Marshalls!) I was looking at the clearance housewares stuff, when I spied a small basketed dried floral arrangement for $3. It is in browns and creams, so it really needs something. So tomorrow I will pull out my paints, beads and ribbons and see what I can do to jazz it up. I have a new look on the way for the porch for under $10! I just need to go get a pumpkin at Safeway, but that will have to wait a few days.

It rained here today and is supposed to rain this weekend. I am looking forward to staying in tomorrow and working on craft type projects. I think I may bake some cookies, too. It should be a fun domestic day. Sunday I have church and I am looking forward to having lunch with a friend. However, tomorrow is my day to play at home, read my book, cuddle with my little furgirl and relax. But first I am sleeping in...

It will be nice to sleep in tomorrow. I am thinking that it is also time to change over to flannel sheets tomorrow. It is hard to believe it is time to do that already. But it will be even cozier and that is a very good thing!

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