Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Night Already?!

It was a lovely, quiet weekend. Today it rained so it was a very cozy day. It was our first real rain of the year. This day is always a tough one for a certain dog, as she pokes her head out of the door, realizes it is raining, then just stands there remembering that she is a sugar cube and will melt in the rain. LOL. This is the same dog that plays in the surf at the beach a few blocks away and always comes home wet. But rain, that is something else entirely.

My cozy day was quite peaceful and lovely. I got to write my paper for my class, read my book, cross stitch and watch a movie. I watched "Wild Hogs" which is laugh out loud funny. I love the scene where they are pushing their bikes through the desert and the buzzard is walking behind them. Cracks me up.

I do so love the rain. I love the way it sounds on the roof, particularly as I am falling asleep. I love the low light and having the lamps on in the house, so they sort of glow. I love having my cup of tea, my stitching, and Liesl curled up in a blanket next to me. As you can see, I did get some stitching done and I am coming into the home stretch on this piece. It was a good day to work on this.

I am really grateful for days like this. It is really good to be home, recharging the batteries, and doing some of the things that I really love doing. I even got to watch Jerseylicious, truly one of the funniest shows on television. You know how I love my New Jersey shows! I am hopeful now that I have rested that I will be totally over this bug during the week.

Enjoy your Monday!

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