Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Monday!

The cold weather has arrived a bit early here. It was wear a coat cold today. It was gray and we even had a little drizzle. Tomorrow's forecast includes rain, so I ran home after work, put dinner in the oven, and headed out to the yard to put my gardening tools away. I also swept up all of the leaves and pine needles so that it would not be a mushy mess after the rain. I am proud to say I got everything done and my tools are now safe and out of the weather.

I am also proud of myself because I made a delicious, super healthy dinner tonight. Safeway had chicken breasts for $.97 lb, so I bought a large package for $5.00. (I love a bargain!) I baked one tonight, with brown rice and broccoli and carrots. Since brown rice and chicken breast are Liesl's favorites, I also made a plate for her. I am convinced on nights like this that I have a toddler with fur. I chopped up the vegetables and mixed them in with the rice and small pieces of chicken. My little furgirl spit the vegetables out and pushed them all around her plate. I told her she could not have anymore chicken unless she ate her veggies. The face while she ate those vegetables was priceless. Oh, the drama... She was one happy little dog though and snuggled into her blanket shortly afterward to snooze off her feast.

It has been a wonderful, quiet evening. I even got to stitch. Actually, I mostly got to unstitch. I had made a mistake in my count, but it was not a large portion so it was not too bad. It was nice to sit still and be quiet. My stitching really makes me happy.

The highlight of my evening was that I got a phone call that I had totally did not expect. It was really a gift out of the blue. A friend of about 15 years had gotten in contact with another mutual friend and got my phone number. I was so surprised! It was so wonderful to talk with her.
I have been extremely blessed this year with my friends. I have also had reconnected with some old friends. My cup truly runneth over and I cannot believe how fortunate I am to have so many beautiful people in my life.

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