Sunday, October 10, 2010


I woke up this morning with a relapse of the crud. I had been feeling a bit better the last couple of days, but had a rough night and woke up with a really sore throat. I feel badly because I had to miss church and a responsibility I had agreed to. At the same time, I had no business taking these germs to church where I could possibly get someone else sick, particularly someone with a weaker system. I called a wonderful friend, who stepped in to take my place and I am so grateful. So instead, my little furry nurse and I wrapped ourselves up in a quilt on the sofa. Liesl has been amazing the past few days, and has stayed closer to me then usual. I still think she must perceive that I am not feeling well, and is trying to provide comfort. She has stayed on the bed with me every night since I really started feeling badly, so I think she feels it is her job to keep a vigil. Dogs are so amazing. When I shared the story with someone the other day, she shared that when she had her recent surgery, all six of her dogs stayed on the bed with her during her recovery. They, too, laid perfectly still while she got better. We are truly blessed to have pets in this life.

Obviously, my day of domesticity was a no go. I did make my minestrone, only because I really needed some soup and it does not take a lot of attention or work. I stayed put on the sofa, got to watch my race and, whoohoo, Tony won today! I took another really ridiculously long nap and stitched this afternoon. Willie is close to being done. I have a feeling it will be ready by the end of next weekend. Then it will be Ellie May's turn. I will finish them both at the same time. I have to go through my fabric stash to find a suitable backing fabric for them.

The good thing about having to sit still and be quiet is that I had the opportunity to count my blessings. I am so grateful for so much.

Well, I am off to get some rest. Stay well.

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