Monday, April 6, 2009

Another Evening In

Here it is Monday night again, which means that it is Liesl and I for the evening. DH had his band rehearsal so it was just us girls. I really wanted to come home and stitch but I had some paperwork and things to take care of tonight. I ate leftovers for dinner, standing over the sink, then played with Liesl for a while. Liesl loves to do two things more than anything-play with her squeaky toys and be chased. If she can combine these things, she is over the top excited. She loves to be chased through the hallway and around the living room while she is squeaking her squeaky toy. I get a good workout and the admiration of a sweet little dog. Add this up and you get a good day!

After we were both tired, I went into the craftroom to take care of some paperwork while Liesie slept in the easy chair. I think we were both relieved when it was time to settle into my room, which is the warmest room in the house. Here, I was able to sit and stitch. I really love sitting quietly and stitching. I have gotten pretty good at turning off the television where is nothing on that is really interesting. So I get to listen to the needle and floss making a quiet noise going through the fabric. I made a little progress up towards the sleeve. It actually seems to be going a little quicker now.

I was thinking tonight how lucky I am to have such a fulfilling hobby. I favor really big projects like L&L angels, and large samplers and it is a joy to walk through my house and look at some of the pieces I have had the pleasure of stitching. I tend to think of the framed pieces as byproducts though. I really just enjoy the experience of stitching them and looking at all the different colors and textures of flosses and fabrics. I like do other crafts but it tends to be to make something specific. Cross stitch is more about the journey.

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