Thursday, April 9, 2009

Maundy (Holy) Thursday

I was thrilled to be able to stitch today at lunch. It was sprinkly out all day and I had one of those rain headaches that come with the air being cold and damp. I went out to my car, put my Garrison Keillor podcast on my Ipod and stitched away. It was delightful. I am able to put my stitching case up against the steering wheel so that I can see my pattern. I have one of those DMC stitching cases that look kind of like a Trapper Keeper. It has the Stitchbow system, which I do not use because I wound all of my DMC onto cards a long, long time ago. I put my patterns into sheet protectors, hook my thread seperators onto the looseleaf rings, and keep my scissors in a pocket. It is just right for stitching in the car. It is not the prettiest carrying case, but it is really functional. In any case, it appears that I am about to finish the green in her dress. So far as I can determine, the mistake that I made was a result of the grayed out two lines that they put on the edge of the pattern to show where one page ends and the overlap on another page. Grrrr. I hate the gray lines. It looks like it may not be too terrible of a job of "unstitching."

I have not had a chance to stitch tonight. I had planned to but we had church services at 7. We got back home after 8 and had dessert. (Creampuffs, yum!) Liesie had some puppy dessert (69 cents a can at Petsmart) which she eats very politely off a spoon. She only gets one, once every few months and eats it off of a spoon. She likes the whole experience, because, of course, she is just like people. LOL If she could have a chair and plate at the table, she would totally be into it.

I probably will not get much stitching done this weekend. We have services again tomorrow night, chores on Saturday, then I am the assistant minister for the Easter service at church so I need to be really prepared. The following weekend though, it will be a stitchy marathon. I may have to stay up late next Friday and stitch way into the night. In the meantime, this is a good weekend to reflect on all of the blessings in my life.

Hope everyone has a good end of the week!

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