Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm A Baaad Girl!

But not too bad. It was calling to me. It has the colors that I love and the German/Scandanavian style that I love. It is just lovely and I had to have it. I love the border around each motif. I am eager to start it. I have two pieces in the works, so it will have to simmer on a back burner for a while, but it will be coming up soon. It would look so perfect in my entry.

It bugs me to waste postage and all so I went ahead and purchased another pattern that was on clearance. I have been looking at it for a while. Although I am still very much a novice, I love stitching hardanger pieces. I love the hardanger edging on a couple of the pieces pictured. I also like the colonial look.

There was a great race on tonight. Tony Stewart came in second and is knocking on the door for a win. Mark Martin won his first race since 2005 at age 50 tonight. It was such a great race and I did not stitch much during it. In fact, I did not stitch much at all today. As much as I wanted to, there were so many chores to get done. Plus I was getting my domestic on and ended up baking cookies and making a splendid dinner. It was really sunny and warm and my little puppy girl kept finding a sunbeam to sleep in through most of the afternoon. It was a very cozy day. It is funny how just puttering around the house can be so fulfilling and fill one with joy.

I did not get the craft room totally cleaned today. I wanted to file all of our tax stuff and get my craft area ready to start my Chrismons for this year. I still have a bunch of paper on the desk, but I feel pretty confident that it will be done tomorrow after church. I am excited about the Chrismons as I was able to pick up supplies after Christmas super cheap. Nice! In addition to my Chrismons, one of my next project will be to finally catalog my stitching supplies and organize them a little more efficiently. Now that all of the receipts and paperwork will be put away, I want to spend more time in the craft room working on several creative projects. It is a lot smaller than my old craft room but it is really cozy.

I forgot to mention the other day that Bob got the hummingbird feeders up last weekend. We have a regular coming now to the one right outside of our dining room window. Our feeder has the little rungs where the hummingbirds can stand while they feed. We are so excited to have diners at the feeder and look forward to the word spreading so that we get lots of them coming by the window. They are so beautiful.

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